Award-winning creative meets empirically validated strategy.


Progressive causes and candidates require campaigns that win hearts, minds, and votes. Moxie Media is an imaginative and research-driven political consulting firm driving progressive change through integrated communications in the field, online, and in the mailbox.



A groundbreaking victory in Washington State for background checks. This experiment-informed, statewide direct mail program helped persuade voters to overwhelmingly support critical gun safety legislation.

$15/Hour for SeaTac 

An airport organizing effort transformed into a community-wide campaign for prosperity. A ground-zero victory, an award-winning campaign, and new national model for winning minimum wage. Spin the wheel to change SeaTac's economic cycle from vicious to virtuous. 

Honest elections seattle

Another first-in-the-nation Moxie win to catalyze national change. This innovative campaign finance reform measure will limit the influence of big money in Seattle elections and strengthen the voices of ordinary voters.

Montanans for free and fair elections  

A campaign to defeat voting rights restrictions - including Election Day Voter Registration - required an educational and factual presentation, while maintaining persuadability with targeted voters.

Debora juarez for seattle city council

 Debora Juarez won a competitive eight-way primary in North Seattle and went on to win the general election. Juarez became the first enrolled Native American elected to the Seattle City Council

emily's list for Brenda lawrence 

Brenda Lawrence's primary victory for Michigan's 14th congressional district was an upset.  Lawrence was significantly outspent, but with the help of EMILY'S LIST Women Vote! she was able to overcome a double digit deficit.